NRA disappointed by “cowardly” response of crowd during Colorado theater shooting

22 Jul

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA–the National Rifle Association entered the debate surrounding the mass shooting that took place in Colorado on Friday, condemning the “cowardly behavior” of the crowd when the gunman opened fire.

“The whole purpose of the right to bear arms is to allow the citizens to defend themselves in these situations,” said Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the Association, in a press conference Sunday morning. “What’s the point of having guns if citizens just allow themselves to panic in a combat situation?”

President John Sigler agreed. “Fire and move, people, fire and move,” he said, using a whiteboard to show the proper response when a heavily armed gunman opens fire in a crowded theater full of families. “Real Americans would have spontaneously formed themselves into three teams, established communications protocols, and then steadily worked their way forward towards the shooter,” he said. “With good discipline they could have taken him out in five, seven minutes, tops. Less if they had air support,” he added, noting that the NRA would immediately start lobbying Congress to allow private planes to carry air-to-surface missiles for just such an occasion.

While some journalists in the audience questioned whether it was realistic to expect moviegoers to mount a trained paramilitary response to a completely unexpected attack, LaPierre and Sigler gave no ground. Literally, they gave no ground, drawing weapons and huddling behind makeshift barriers at the front of the room.

However, despite the brave front, later in the press conference LaPierre admitted that the massacre might set back the NRA’s lobbying efforts somewhat. “We’re going to pull back on a few bills for now,” he said. “For example, the right to carry concealed weapons inside an operating theater, and the right to go hunting on residential streets.”

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