Romney foreign trip continues to struggle as he calls Israel “a stupid little country”

28 Jul

TEL AVIV–Mitt Romney’s overseas trip continued to generate unfavorable headlines when, upon landing in Israel, he called it a “stupid little country.”

“It’s a great pleasure to be here,” said Romney at a press conference at the airport here. “No matter how silly the idea of a whole country for Jews may seem, I’m excited to learn more about all the funny little customs you have here.”

Straight after his disastrous interview in which he questioned London’s readiness for the Olympics, Romney’s latest gaffe had commentators shaking their heads.

“I can understand the Olympics thing, I can understand the first press conference in Israel,” said Ann Coulter. “But I really question why Romney joined a Hamas demonstration and burned an Israeli flag. It just seems imprudent.”

After the demonstration, Romney met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, observing that the PM had “put on a little weight.” He also suggested Netanyahu “buy a real suit” on his next visit to the US.

Romney’s Israeli hosts were nonplussed by his actions, but responded politely. “We are indeed a little country,” said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. “So I guess Mitt was two for three.”

“We’ll bounce back,” said campaign manager Matt Rhoade. “The next stop is Warsaw, and believe me, Mitt has some amazing Polish jokes ready to go.”

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