Romney hits middle-class issues such as NetJets fees, spiralling dressage costs

16 Aug

TAMPA—Mitt Romney used a rally here on Wednesday to show that he was in touch with middle-class pocketbook issues such as increasing NetJets fees, higher costs for keeping dressage horses, and the growing worldwide shortage of high-end caviar.

“Look, I’m just like anyone else,” said Romney to the oddly subdued crowd of roughly 3,000 people. “I feel the pain when prices increase on basic staples like gold, beachfront property, and yacht crews. We’re all facing the same problems.”

Responding to criticisms that he was out of touch with the economic suffering of middle-class Americans, Romney used the speech to show that he understood and shared the financial concerns of the average citizen.

“Take rising gas prices,” he said. “I know a lot of you own older planes. They’re aluminium, basic avionics, and they’re heavy, so you get bad mileage. A dollar a gallon doesn’t sound like much, but it could mean the difference between a winter in St. Barts and one on Hilton Head.”

Tapping into a populist vein, Romney went on to criticize the banks. “When will they start loading their ATMs with something other than twenties? You’re headed to the store, you want to take out two or three grand in cash, and they give you a stack of bills that’s an inch and a half thick. How are you going to fit that in your wallet?”

Romney also went out of his way to show that he too had employment concerns. “Look, I know what it’s like to be worried about pink slips,” he said towards the end of his speech. “A couple of times when I was at Bain, we almost ran out of them.”

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