Disappointment in Tampa as convention’s major speaker turns out to be Mitt Romney

31 Aug

TAMPA—after several days of high-energy speeches and demonstrations, the Republican National Convention closed last night on a disappointing note as the speaker billed as the “main event” turned out to be former Governor Mitt Romney.

“I mean, he’s okay, but why couldn’t they get someone good?” asked Cheryl Neeling, who had journeyed all the way from California to see the Republican Party’s leaders. “I can’t believe I missed Rookie Blue for this.”

Although the reception within the convention center was polite as Romney spoke, random interviews with delegates on the floor confirmed the sense that convention organizers had badly miscalculated when they chose him as the final speaker of the night.

“Look, they say he did a good job with the Olympics, and he’s a businessman, so I respect that,” said Dave Kornhol, a Kansas state representative. “But I would have liked a true conservative, you know? Someone with a fleshed-out economic plan. And someone who can give a halfway decent speech, for crying out loud,” he added, turning back to the stage as Romney droned on.

Although the Republican National Committee was sticking to its line that Mitt Romney had been chosen for the final night of the convention several weeks ago, many delegates agreed that he must have been selected on short notice.

“I guess whoever they really wanted must have cancelled at the last minute,” said Representative Kornhol. “And I guess Mitt was just hanging around, and they couldn’t find anyone better.”

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