Surprise as Romney endorses elements of Obamacare, proletarian revolution

12 Sep

COLUMBUS–Eyebrows were raised across the political spectrum this week as Mitt Romney first said that he would retain several pieces of Obama’s health-care reform, and then when he said that he would “fight with every breath in my body to overthrow our government and deliver all power to councils of workers and peasants.”

Speaking on Meet the Press last Sunday, Romney first said that he thought several elements of Obamacare should be retained, in particular the provisions for not denying coverage to pre-existing conditions. Then, on Tuesday, Romney told a rally here in Columbus that “it is time for the bourgeoisie to tremble in their moneyed lairs, for the day of proletariat justice is at hand.” He then went on to outline plans for a Leninist revolution, including the nationalization of all industry, the closure of banks and stock exchanges, and a forcible redistribution of wealth.

Romney campaign officials denied that his plans represented a significant departure from his platform to date. “Look, Mitt’s views continue to evolve, but I think you’ll see this is broadly in line with what we’ve been saying all along,” said campaign manager Matt Rhoades. “His comments about vengeance on ruling-class bloodsuckers are completely consistent with what he was saying as far back as his 1994 Senate race.”

Pundits agreed that the shift in Romney’s plans was unlikely to have a major impact on the campaign. “As we all know, forty-five percent of the population will vote Democratic no matter what, and forty-five percent will vote Republican no matter what, even if their candidate has promised to herd them all into re-education camps and abolish money” said William Pfennig, a political-science professor at Texas A&M. “The only real concern for Romney is if we see a downtick in fundraising from donors who are on the list to be shot straight after the inauguration. But even then, they are so eager to beat Obama, I think they’ll still be there for the Republicans.”

3 Responses to “Surprise as Romney endorses elements of Obamacare, proletarian revolution”

  1. charliecountryboy September 13, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    Love your stuff so have nominated you for Lovely Blog Award 😉


    • twissblog September 13, 2012 at 10:33 am #

      Thank you! I am trying to figure out exactly what that means–apparently there are some rules around this–so will try to figure this all out and do it all.


      • charliecountryboy September 13, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

        Oh! I forgot that bit. You have to write 7 random things about yourself and nominate other bloggers for award, not sure how many. Then tell the other bloggers. Actually it takes quit a bit of time, so have a think before you start lol.


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