Obama bumps into tourist, apologizes

13 Sep

RENO—Mitt Romney took the offensive again today against Barack Obama, criticizing the President’s “craven policy of appeasement” after Obama apologized to a tourist from Beirut upon accidentally knocking him down.

The incident occurred while Obama was while working a rope line of supporters here today. Getting in position for a photo, the president backed into the Lebanese man, causing him to fall over and shatter his camera. He told the tourist he was sorry and helped him to his feet.

The Romney campaign was quick to respond. “Apparently one Apology Tour wasn’t enough,” said Romney in a prepared statement. “Barack Obama thinks that America needs to make excuses for the way it behaves at home and overseas. Under a Romney presidency, Americans will be able to jostle tourists with pride and with dignity.”

Conservatives were quick to echo Romney’s criticism. “First the American embassy in Cairo condemns hate speech,” said Ann Coulter, referring to the statement released this week opposing an anti-Islam video, “and now Barack Obama feels like he needs to apologize. This kind of weak leadership cannot be allowed to stand.”

The Obama campaign was caught off-guard by the incident, but responded quickly, issuing a clarifying statement. “When President Obama said ‘sorry about your camera,’ he in no way intended the statement to be construed as an apology,” said spokesman Ben LaBolt. “The President is proud to have bumped into someone and hurt him. At no point was an apology ever considered.”

“Too little, too late,” said Mitt Romney. To underline the point, he finished his campaign trip to Florida with a visit to the Druzhba Retirement Home, where he punched eighty-three-year-old Russian national Ludmila Goncharova in the face. “Am I sorry?” he asked the assembled crowd rhetorically, which roared back “NO,” cheering wildly.

2 Responses to “Obama bumps into tourist, apologizes”

  1. charliecountryboy September 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    Did I laugh? I nearly wet myself. Excellent 😉


  2. bryandumas September 13, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    In a related note, Romney, campaigning in Boston, refused to answer a question from a woman holding a Pekingese. After his “Failing the American Workers” campaign ad demonizing the Chinese, and his Feb. 2012 tirade, Democrats are signaling this as more proof that his anti-Chinese vitriol has reached dangerous proportions.


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