Ohio woman changes her mind after viewing 10,000th political ad

14 Sep

ZANESVILLE, Ohio–Susie Delacourt had spent the last several months planning to vote for Obama. But yesterday, after viewing her ten-thousandth political commercial for Mitt Romney, she changed her mind and decided to vote Republican.

“The first 9,999 ads really didn’t budge me at all,” said Delacourt. “But this last one? It made me realize that Mitt Romney is actually the candidate for me.”

With Delacourt’s switch, the Romney campaign issued a press release that their sixty-million-dollar ad campaign in Ohio had garnered them fifty-one new votes, as opposed to Democratic advertising, which has changed the mind of only twenty-two people.

“When Susie Delacourt changed her mind, she joined literally dozens of other voters in Ohio who have come to realize that Barack Obama is the wrong man for the job,” said Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades. “There is also an old guy living a few miles west of Susie who might be wavering, we think.”

Outside experts agreed that the saturation strategy employed by both sides would likely continue to be effective. “Look, the first several hundred times you see a campaign ad, it’s easy to ignore,” said media expert John Shilling. “But after eight, ten, twelve thousand viewings, you start to pay more and more attention.”

Delacourt had seen this particular ad seventy-six times before, “but this time it really stuck with me.” It is an ad from the outside PAC, Americans for America, sponsored by the Koch brothers. Some have criticized the ad for a tagline which could be seen as racially charged, “Black people are coming to take your women.”

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