Romney campaign seeks to turn attention back to candidate’s tax returns

22 Sep

BOSTON–after a rough week for the Republican ticket, advisors sought to regain momentum by focusing national attention back on Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

“Look, a month ago, everyone was talking about Mitt’s tax returns, and the race was a dead heat,” said campaign manager Matt Rhoades. “And now the discussion has moved on, and we’re behind. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we need to get people talking about the tax returns again.”

The new initiative began with a glitzy ceremony to mark the release of Romney’s 2011 returns, in which Tagg Romney jumped out of a cake holding his father’s completed Form 1040, accompanied by confetti and cheerleaders. It will continue over the weekend with the launch of a fun interactive website where potential voters can try to assemble a coherent picture of Romney’s finances from the pieces of information that the campaign has dribbled out in recent months. Additional events will continue until election day, according to Rhoades.

Democrats expressed grudging admiration for the tactic. “This could put us in a pickle,” admitted David Plouffe. “We were hoping for full media coverage of Joe Biden’s upcoming tour of Ohio biker bars, and this has completely taken the spotlight off him. And, let’s face it, how can earning $13 million not qualify you to be President?”

Adding a note of much-needed levity to the day, the campaign also released the returns of Paul Ryan, who is apparently still running for vice president. Ryan’s family income for 2011 was $323,416, a figure which Mitt Romney called “just adorable.”


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