Romney criticizes Obama for 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty; says he can get it to 1 in 4

4 Oct

DENVER–a newly re-energized Mitt Romney attacked Barack Obama for lackluster economic leadership in the debate last night, noting that 23 million Americans are out of work and  1 in 6 lives in poverty.

“In four years, I think I can get that to 35 million and 1 in 4,” he said, pressing his advantage.

Drawing on his years of experience laying people off, Romney laid out a compelling vision in which businesses across America would find new and innovative ways to eliminate jobs. He noted that “the current administration thinks that only the government should engage in mass firings. I trust the private sector more than that.”

Obama counterattacked in the debate, pointing out that Romney’s plan for mass unemployment lacked specifics. “The only two cuts he’s committed to are Jim Lehrer and Big Bird,” noted the president.

Still, Republicans agreed that Romney’s new line of attack was a powerful one. “When Mitt Romney talks about creating poverty, he can point to a track record of success,” said campaign manager Mitt Rhoades after the debate. “Obama is clearly learning on the job.”

Added Rhoades, “we can’t afford another four years of Obama’s failed policies. We need four years of George W. Bush’s failed policies instead.”

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