Taking more aggressive approach to debate, Biden clubs Paul Ryan with chair leg

12 Oct

DANVILLE, Ky—a week after President Obama was criticized for being too passive in his debate with Mitt Romney, Joe Biden took a much more confrontational approach, at one point ripping the leg off his chair and using it to club Paul Ryan into submission.

The exchange came nine minutes into Paul Ryan’s explanation of the revisions to his revised adjustments to his updated Medicare policy. As Ryan explained the difference between his $716 billion and President Obama’s $716 billion, Biden managed to loosen his restraints, reach down and unscrew one of the legs of his chair, and beat Ryan to the ground with it.

Ryan also had some memorable lines from the debate, such as when he said “they’re infringing on our first freedom, the freedom of religion, by infringing on—Ow! Dammit, Joe, knock it off!” and then tried to pry Vice-President Biden off his ankle.

Moderator Martha Radatz received generally positive reviews. Pundits noted that she scrupulously adhered to the equal-time principle to each of the three platforms in the debate: 30 minutes for Joe Biden to rant incoherently, 30 minutes for Paul Ryan to discuss the wacky Ayn Rand crap he actually believes, and 30 minutes for Ryan to repeat the mealy-mouth platitudes he has had to subscribe to since joining the Romney ticket.

The debate was slightly delayed for security reasons when a report spread that Big Bird was lurking around the auditorium. It turned out to be a different eight-foot yellow bird, who was questioned by the Secret Service and then released.

2 Responses to “Taking more aggressive approach to debate, Biden clubs Paul Ryan with chair leg”

  1. humanTriumphant October 12, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    thanks for the chuckle – you left out where Martha had to use 10 of Biden’s minutes (periodically, throughout the course of the debate – not all at once, of course) handing him hankies while he used up what time he had whining about the time he wasn’t being given. it was the most honest portion of the debate, though, just about summing up the governmental mentality of wise usefulness of resources.


  2. useurheadpolitics October 13, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    Great post.


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