Romney complains Obama used “better policies” and “charisma” to win election unfairly

15 Nov

BOSTON—a little more than a week after losing a close presidential election, Mitt Romney today told supporters that Obama had won unfairly, using his “better track record” and “more popular policies” to appeal to supporters.

“Obama only won because people liked what he was doing in office,” said Romney in a conference call with donors. “Supporting women’s health? Pandering to women. Keeping America safe? Sure, pander to the national-security vote. He just wasn’t playing fair.”

Leading conservatives echoed Romney’s complaints. “Obama shouldn’t be allowed to create and implement policy that Americans support,” said Ann Coulter, turning a slightly deeper shade of red than normal. “Leadership is about doing things that everyone hates and winning elections anyway.”

Romney singled out the popular provisions of Obamacare as problematic for his campaign. He also cited the auto bailout, the economic stimulus, and foreign policy as areas where the Democrats “cheated” by “having better ideas than we did.”

Romney praised the small army of volunteers who helped him in the campaign. “I want to thank the second-best team in the business,” he said, becoming emotional. “No one does incoherent, slightly racist rage like you guys.”

He also underlined that he was not going to run again in 2016. “I look forward to watching a new standard-bearer emerge to continue our party’s great tradition of losing winnable elections,” he explained.

One Response to “Romney complains Obama used “better policies” and “charisma” to win election unfairly”

  1. lobotero November 15, 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    I also see where he is blaming the voters for his loss and that Obama gave hand outs to win…..sloppy analysis….


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