New, charismatic Chinese leadership off to exciting fresh start

2 Dec

BEIJING–after what many are calling a decade of stagnation under President Hu Jintao, the new leadership under party chief Xi Jinping is off to a colorful, crowd-pleasing start.

“I love these guys!” gushed flight attendant Lin Yuanjing at a recent event, just before Vice Premier Wang Qishan entered Tianjin Municipal Stadium on a zipline and then jammed onstage with the band before opening the Northeastern Chinese All-Steel-Industry Games. “Funny, charming, sexy–what a great bunch!”

Shanghai University student Zhao Yalu concurred. “I waited all night to hear Yu Jengsheng’s speech on judicial reform,” she said, standing in her bedroom in front of a sexy photo of propaganda chief Liu Yunshan. “He’s hilarious–especially the part about the subordination of intra-regional coordinating committees–hilarious! Plus when he rode his motorcycle into the Ball of Death–totally awesome.

For most Chinese citizens, the most dramatic break with the past was Li Keqiang’s speech at the Boao Forum, where he made some amusing comments about intrastate relations in Asia. He then went on to do several card tricks and told a hilarious joke about a rabbi, a priest, and a minister who walk into a bar. Li’s speech was widely seen as the funniest by a senior Chinese leader since Mao Zedong’s Notification of May 16, 1966, which unfortunately was taken seriously by the Communist Party and subsequently led to the Cultural Revolution.

“It’s an amazing change from the Hu era,” said former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. “It’s nice to finally see such raw charisma at the top of the Chinese political system.”

New party leaders receiving applause after an impromptu Riverdance number

New party leaders receiving applause after an impromptu Riverdance number

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