Obama live-tweets own State of the Union address

13 Feb

WASHINGTON–President Obama, known for his mastery of online and data-driven campaigning, showed the nation a new level of digital engagement when he live-tweeted his State of the Union address even as he was giving it.

The first tweet, delivered only four minutes into the address, read “POTUS is totally on fire tonight! -bo” A few minutes later, talking about the minimum wage, he added “Exactly the kind of strong leadership we need in this country.”

Demonstrating his ability to multitask, Obama also watched live online coverage of the manhunt for fugitive former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, breaking away from his prepared text to give the joint session of Congress frequent updates as the officers closed in on the cabin where Dorner was believed to be hiding.

The speech itself drew generally warm reviews. In part, instant polling showed that the nation supported his proposals to raise the national minimum wage and his energy policy. More popular, however, were Obama’s college-basketball picks, which took up nearly one-third of the speech. “Keep your eye on Syracuse,” he suggested, leading to a quick shift in the Vegas line.

Overall, experts judged the speech in line with Obama’s previous addresses. It was widely considered more substantive than most of Bill Clinton’s State of the Union speeches, especially his infamous 1996 speech, in which he endorsed school uniforms and then spent most of the rest of his time telling knock-knock jokes.

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