Sticking with a winner, Republicans pass same budget that propelled Romney-Ryan to victory

21 Mar

WASHINGTON—as America’s fiscal crisis continues, the Republican Party today decided to play it safe, using its majority in the House to pass essentially the same budget that was such an instrumental force in Mitt Romney’s sweeping presidential victory last November.

“We figured, why change?” explained Vice President Paul Ryan. “America told us loud and clear that they want smaller government, less health care, and a shrinking safety net, all in the name of reducing taxes on the richest Americans. Why wouldn’t we go with a proven formula?”

While Democrats had hoped that the GOP would moderate its fiscal policies after the last election, Mitt Romney’s landslide victory seems to have had just the opposite effect. “We’re waiting for the Democrats to admit that they’re wrong,” said Speaker John Boehner. “Until they realize that Americans prefer a nineteenth-century-style government, they’re never getting back into the White House.”

The budget is slightly different this time around—some of the details around tax brackets are somewhat different, for example. But it retains the three key features of Paul Ryan’s previous budget outlines: the conversion of Medicare to block grants, sweeping reductions in taxes, and the assumption that magical fairies somehow produce $6 trillion in unspecified savings.

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