Rutgers scandal deepens as video surfaces of basketball coach creating weapons-grade plutonium during practice

6 Apr

NEWARK, New Jersey–the scandal at Rutgers University deepened today when new video was released showing former basketball coach Mike Rice reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to create weapons-grade plutonium.

The cellphone video shows the team, the Scarlet Knights, practicing at the Rutgers Athletic Center. In the background, Coach Rice can be seen operating an eight-story graphite-moderated pressurized nuclear reactor, presumed to be an older-style Magnox reactor imported from the UK. Although the video is blurry, and focused primarily on a layup drill taking place in the foreground, Rice can clearly be seen extracting low-burnup fuel from the reactor through an online refuelling process.

Experts agree that the video will only increase the challenges facing Rutgers President Robert Barchi, who has been extensively criticized for not firing Rice earlier, when he verbally abused several players. “We all knew Coach Rice was tough on his players,” said Professor Dana Morello, a Rutgers faculty member. “But the fact that he was running a clandestine weapons program only makes things worse.”

Questions have sufaced as to how Rice could have snuck the six-acre, two-million-ton Magnox reactor into the RAC and operated it for a ten-month fuel cycle without anyone’s noticing. Professor Morello admitted to being stumped. “At one point, the entire leadership of the US Catholic church was in here,” she said. “I mean, nothing gets past those guys.”

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