Twitter confusion grows as Brian Alsoobama, Chris Nowthepopes die after long illnesses

9 Apr

SAN FRANCISCO–only hours after the hashtag #nowthatchersdead caused widespread confusion among fans who thought Cher had passed away, the situation became even murkier as two elderly Americans, Brian Alsoobama and Chris Nowthepope expired earlier today.

The hashtags, #alsoobamapassedaway and #nowthepopesdeadtoo, were retweeted thousands of times within minutes before Twitter could clarify the situation.

“I regret that our policy of not including spaces in hashtags has created so much trouble,” said Twitter spokesman Frederic Didyouknowthepresident. “As a result, I have decided to resign.”

Experts were cautiously optimistic that any social disorder would be minimal. “As long as nothing further like this happens, it should be containable,” said journalist Cynthia Soabsolutelyeveryone. “I’ll call you back after I safely walk down this long, steep staircase.”

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