Palestinian Authority Prime Minister resigns, possibly complicating otherwise straightforward peace process

14 Apr

JERUSALEM–the resignation of Salam Fayyad, the respected Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, has observers worried that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process might be made more complicated or even slightly slowed down.

“I mean, here we are, with Middle Eastern peace practically all worked out, and then we hit a little speed bump,” said Secretary of State John Kerry. “I mean, I’m sure the Authority won’t miss a beat, but I’m mildly concerned that this could set us back a week or two.”

On the ground, local residents seemed more concerned that the resignation could disrupt the Authority’s legendarily efficient and effective public services. “I’m sure the peace process will stay on track,” said Gaza shopkeeper Wasif Jawhariyyeh. “I’m more worried that there might be slight delays at border crossings, or maybe some hold time when I call 311.”

Still, experts agreed that the most likely outcome was no disruption whatsoever. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past twenty years, it’s that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is incredibly durable,” said Kerry. “It’s hard to imagine anything that could knock it off track at this point.”

After peace is concluded, most politicians expect that the United States will be able to turn its attention to Iran. Hopes grew for a peaceful solution to the current standoff when KPMG announced that it had been appointed to audit Teheran’s nuclear program.

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