O.J. Simpson acquitted of giving thousands of secret documents to Julian Assange; vows to find “the real leakers”

31 Jul

CARSON CITY, Nevada—O. J. Simpson today celebrated a legal victory here when a Nevada state judge ruled that he was not guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy when he shared hundreds of thousands of confidential documents with WikiLeaks in 2010.

“This is terrific news,” said Simpson in a brief statement immediately after his acquittal. “With this legal battle behind me, I can now get on with my life’s mission: finding the real leakers.”

At the trial, Simpson’s lawyers described him as a “naïve idealist” who had joined the Army in the hopes of getting a better education, only to be disillusioned in his time there. While serving as an intelligence analyst in the Army, he rushed for a record-setting 2,003 yards in one season, including a then-record 273 yards in one battle against the Ramadi All-Stars.

Despite his recent acquittal, Simpson remains in prison for another crime, a 2007 robbery in which he attempted to steal sports memorabilia in order to give it to al-Qaeda.

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