Chastened Congress promises to quickly replace stopgap budget solution with another stopgap budget solution

18 Oct

WASHINGTON—after forging a temporary agreement to end the highly unpopular government shutdown, a humbled Congress promised the American people that “we will do our best to kick the can down the road again for a few months” before the current resolution expires in February.

“We’ve listened to the American people, and they’re tired of these manufactured last-minute crises,” said Speaker John Boehner. “That’s why we’re looking forward to replacing the current short-term budget agreement with another short-term budget agreement at the very last second, early next year.”

Boehner said he would immediately begin fiscal negotiations so that “when we fail and almost default again, at least it will look like we tried.”

Not everyone was happy with the agreement that reopened the government on Thursday. Sen. Ted Cruz (R—TX) said that “once again, Washington is not listening to the American people.” He then went on to describe the “real America,” ignored by the media, where the voting public wants the shutdown to continue, “and everyone rides around on golden ponies.”

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