Obama “sure hopes someone steps up and sorts this mess out”

30 Oct

WASHINGTON—beset by a spying scandal, a disastrous start to health care reform, another looming budget crisis, and continued conflict in the Middle East, President Obama today expressed his strong wish that “someone, you know, take charge and sort all this stuff out.”

Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden this morning, the President added that he was “pretty irritated that no one is leading on a lot of these issues.” Said Obama, “I mean, it feels like everyone is just sitting around and letting things drift.”

The President’s allies were equally gloomy about the prospect of leadership emerging to resolve the various problems facing the White House and the country as a whole. “I mean, if only there were someone whose job it was to, you know, rally the nation and work with Congress to drive the agenda forward,” said Sen. Harry Reid (D—NV). “That would be really great.”

Obama said he was willing to wait a little longer for someone to start “cracking heads.” He said, “I’m here in my office, waiting for the phone to ring.” He then went on to warn, however, that if no progress was made soon, he would have to express “some serious annoyance” at the situation.

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