Obama has second thoughts about insurance cancellations, domestic policy in general

14 Nov

WASHINGTON—in a dramatic about-face, President Obama today said that he would support extending the insurance plans of people whose policies were to be cancelled as failing to meet the minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act. He also then went on to admit that he was rethinking his entire health-care agenda, “and indeed pretty much everything that I’ve been working on for the last five years.”

Speaking to a surprised group of reporters, Obama admitted that “maybe we shouldn’t be trying to cover uninsured people after all.” He then added that “I’m not sure civil rights really make sense for most people,” and shared his personal belief that “surveillance doesn’t make any of us safer.”

In foreign policy, Obama noted that “all these drone strikes don’t seem to be getting rid of terrorism,” and noted that “this entire shift to the Pacific is probably overblown.” He noted that the longstanding alliance with Western Europe “sort of seems like it should be done by now, you know?”

Confronted by Democrats angry that the White House had reversed itself on virtually every issue, Obama told everyone to “just chillax,” and noted that “a guy’s allowed to change his mind now and then.” He also observed that he was likely to be changing his party registration to Independent, noting that “it seems to have worked really well for Joe Lieberman.”

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