In calculated provocation, Obama spits in face of Chinese official

27 Nov

WASHINGTON—only hours after sending B-52s through China’s new air-defense zone, President Obama increased the pressure on China with a “carefully calibrated” gesture, spitting in the face of the deputy ambassador to the United States during a White House reception.

“It’s a measured response,” said Irwin Duncan, a well-regarded foreign-policy expert. “It sends the message to China that we won’t be pushed around, and also that the President likes mint-flavored gum.”

The incident was a direct challenge to China’s new “No Spitting on Our Officials” policy, promulgated over the weekend in what Duncan described as a rejection of United States hegemony over East Asia. “Along with the expanded air-defense zone and the Diayou islands controversy, this is China stretching its legs,” he explained.

Most observers agreed that tensions would get worse before they got better, especially in light of Vice-President Biden’s upcoming visit to China. “We’ll get a few corkers out of that one,” said Duncan

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