Authorities accidentally divert Chinese internet and vehicular traffic to Wyoming

23 Jan

CHEYENNE, Wisconsin–confusion reigned here today as, only hours after Chinese censors sent the country’s internet traffic here, Chinese police sent the country’s regular traffic here, as well.

“Man, I was just getting over this internet thing,” said Cheyenne Mayor David McGee. “Then I looked out my window and saw 600 million people in their cars, and I thought, Wow, this can’t be good.”

Both the internet and the traffic diversion stemmed from mistakes in routing conducted by the Chinese authorities. While seeking to divert web surfers away from Sophidea, a service based here that provides access to blacklisted sites, the censors accidentally diverted all web traffic here. Similarly, while trying to reduce congestion in several major Chinese cities, the traffic police appear to have accidentally sent all drivers to the same town.

“This is really inconvenient,” said Zhou Wei, 37, a fruit wholesaler who lives outside Guangzhou. “I was just trying to get home from work, and now I find myself in Cheyenne, several thousand miles away. It seems like a pretty boneheaded mistake, to be honest.”

When asked to comment, a Chinese government spokesman denied that anything had gone wrong. “Exactly how we planned it,” said the spokesman, speaking by phone from Cheyenne.

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