Obama asks Harry Reid to deliver State of the Union; “I don’t have time for this minutiae”

28 Jan

WASHINGTON—the White House confirmed today that President Obama has asked Harry Reid to write and deliver tonight’s State of the Union Address, noting that “if I got involved in every little political event in Washington, I’d never get any work done.”

The decision caught many observers by surprise, as the address is normally a President’s best opportunity to set the agenda for the year ahead and generate momentum behind legislative proposals. However, an aide noted that “the President just doesn’t feel like he should get sucked in to this kind of point-scoring.”

The aide denied that the President’s decision reflected any kind of disengagement with his job or the political process. “He is hard at work on his memoirs,” explained the aide, “and also thinking about post-Presidency plans.”

In another unconventional move, the President reportedly asked Nancy Pelosi to ask Harry Reid to deliver the speech, noting that “I can’t afford to spend all my time jawboning with Congress.” The administration later issued a clarification, noting that the President had actually asked a White House gardener to speak to Pelosi, explaining that Obama didn’t have her phone number anywhere.

One Response to “Obama asks Harry Reid to deliver State of the Union; “I don’t have time for this minutiae””

  1. He is a brilliant man he made the right decision.


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