General Motors introduces new tagline: “You’ll probably be okay”

24 Mar

DETROIT–Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, unveiled the company’s newest advertising campaign today, featuring what she described as a “catchy” new tagline: “You’ll probably survive driving one of these.”

The ads feature drivers pulling into parking spaces, getting out of their cars, and calling their loved ones to report that they are still alive.

The new campaign responds to revelations that several GM models were prone to engine cutoffs and failure to deploy airbags if the ignition keys were weighted down by a heavy keychain. Also, many of the cars would explode in a giant fireball if sneezed upon, or looked at funny.

Barra has won cautious praise for remaining upbeat about GM’s prospects while also apologizing knowingly sending dozens of people to their deaths. She has said that, pending repairs, all of the cars are completely safe as long as drivers remove the ignition key from their key rings, discard the key, and then park the cars deep underground in abandoned salt mines.

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