Danish zoo kills all its animals to make room for more animals

27 Mar

COPENHAGEN–one month after killing a healthy young giraffe named Marius, and only days after killing four healthy lions, the Copenhagen Zoo reports that “now that it has some momentum,” it has gone ahead and killed all of its animals, “in order that we have space to get some more animals.”

“Well, we started with Marius, and then it was the lions, and then we figured, hey, we’re getting pretty good at this, so why not finish the job?” said Jens Jensen, Vice Chair for Children’s Programs and Euthanasia. “Now that we’ve gotten rid of all the animals, we look forward to receiving new ones soon.”

According to a report posted on the zoo’s website, it has now disposed of “six giraffes, five lions, two elephants, twenty or so animals that are basically just some variant of deer, and a slow-moving janitor.”

Jensen said that zoos around the world were sending new animals, and that most of them would arrive by the middle of May. “We encourage the public to come visit all the new and amazing creatures we’re going to have here at the Copenhagen Zoo,” he said. “Although I wouldn’t suggest you get too attached.”

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