GOP candidates blast Obamacare, noting that all it has done is “help a bunch of sick people”

27 Oct

WASHINGTON–as the final days of the midterm election season wind down, Republican candidates across the country are running against the “utter failure” of the Affordable Care Act.

“Sure, maybe if you’re a big-government liberal, you think that people should get so-called medical treatment when they get sick,” said Scott Brown, who is working on a book about running for the Senate in all fifty states. “You know what the children of the Founding Fathers did when they got sick? They died.”

Opposition to the overreach of the ACA is widespread. “We need to get the Federal Government out of the health-care business,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell (R–KY). “Except for the Congressional medical-insurance plan. We should keep that.”

Democrats, on the defensive after providing insurance to millions of people working full-time and supporting families, responded with a realistic admission that “no system is perfect.”

“Look, I’m as keen as anyone that poor people just go to the emergency room and receive the most expensive treatment possible that isn’t really effective,” said Michelle Nunn, running for Senate in Georgia. “But you have to start somewhere, and affordable medical insurance is an unfortunate necessary first step.”

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