GOP concerned that Obama immigration order will undermine strong bipartisan working relationship between Congress and White House

20 Nov

WASHINGTON—as President Obama prepared an executive order removing the threat of deportation from millions of immigrants, Republican leaders warned him that such an action could jeopardize “the warm, constructive relationship we’ve enjoyed in recent years.”

Speaking at a fundraiser, Sen. Ted Cruz (R—TX) said that “As much as I’ve enjoyed working with Barack over the past two years to reach sensible compromises on behalf of the American people, I worry that it will be harder for us to get even more meaningful legislation passed.”

A White House spokesman noted that “the President appreciates everything the Republicans have done to support his administration over the past two years, and he hopes that this executive order is just a blip in an otherwise strong working relationship.”

Speaker John Boehner countered that “while we are so close to landmark tax reform, a comprehensive infrastructure investment program, a common-sense set of changes to the financial regulatory framework, and a host of other important bills, I’m worried we may now face some delays.”

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