Mike Huckabee announces press conference to give an update on scheduling a press conference

21 Apr

NEW YORK–all the major networks yesterday interrupted their normal programming to broadcast a special announcement from former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R–AR), who told the nation that he would be making a special announcement on April 27 to update the nation on when he would schedule another special announcement.

“The decision to run for–I mean, whatever decision I might be about to make–is not one that should be taken lightly,” said Huckabee. “And that’s why I’m going to keep you closely informed about when I will schedule announcements about the announcements.”

Huckabee rocketed to slightly less obscurity in January when he published a new campaign memoir entitled “God, Guns, Grits, Splitting the Evangelical Vote and Handing the Nomination to Jeb, and Gravy.” As of Tuesday morning, it was ranked #5,053 on Amazon, still well behind that book on sex with werewolves.


ources close to the not-yet-campaign report that Huckabee plans to run on a detailed platform of Tellin’ It Like It Is, Kickin’ Butt, and Makin’ America Great Again. He also plans to appeal to the working-class white vote by reducing the tax rate for incomes over $500,000.

 Huckabee also plans to announce the scheduling of a press conference to let America know when he will choose his official campaign photo.


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