Announcing…the Twissblog Prize!

29 Apr

Friends! As part of our relentless promotion of excellence in journalism, the editorial board of Twissblog is pleased to announce the enormously prestigious TWISSBLOG PRIZE.

The Twissblog Prize will be awarded to any journalist writing for The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal who publishes an article in 2015 meeting all of the following criteria:

– At least one thousand words long
– Primarily about a woman active in politics or business with whom readers are probably not familiar (e.g. not Hillary Clinton)
– Does not mention whether she is married or has children
– Does not mention her appearance or clothing

By our staff’s count, there have been no recipients of the Twissblog Prize so far this year. There have been, however, at least two hundred winners in the “writing about men” division.

Winners of the Twissblog Prize will receive undying fame and fortune and a not terribly generous cash prize.

While the hundreds of paid employees of Twissblog will be assiduously reading the Times every day searching for winners, we encourage our readers to nominate recipients in the comments below.


The Twissblog Prize Committee

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