Texas could run out of places to permit concealed handguns by 2030, new study finds

4 Jun

AUSTIN—an alarming new scientific study confirms that Texas is “rapidly depleting” its supply of locations in which people have not yet been allowed to carry guns, and that “this precious natural resource” could be entirely gone within 15 years.

“For too long, Texas has been using up these gun-free locations without any concern for future generations,” said Dr. Ken Irvine, the lead author of the study. “Unless we take urgent action, we face the very real possibility of a state in which politicians seeking a cheap popularity boost have nowhere left to permit concealed carry.”

The study notes that already politicians have been forced to pass laws permitting concealed weapons in “increasingly absurd” locations such as airport lobbies, churches, and as of this week, college campuses. “Within five years, political opportunists will have to resort to passing new laws to allow guns on shuffleboard courts, hospital delivery rooms, and funeral homes,” noted Dr. Irvine.

Governor Greg Abbott (R) called for a measured response to the report. “I am sure the ingenuity of our scientists will allow us to find more spots where we can cram in concealed carry,” he said. “That’s the kind of thinking that made Texas so incredibly great, and also violent.”

Bet you feel safer already, right?

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