Rick Perry takes another hit as mother joins Trump campaign

4 Sep

AUSTIN—the struggling presidential campaign of former Texas governor Rick Perry took another hit today as his mother, the 87-year-old Amelia June Holt, switched her endorsement to Donald Trump and took a county chair position in his campaign.

“The time has come to say goodbye to politics as usual, and to embrace a fresh new voice on the political scene,” said Ms. Holt, announcing the move. “I am therefore withdrawing my endorsement of Rick Perry and instead throwing my support to Donald Trump.”

Holt said that Perry’s record as governor of Texas was “disappointing,” and that his campaign “offered no new ideas.” Instead, she was drawn to Trump’s personality, his tough stance on the issues, and “his ability to get past politics as usual.”

Perry tried to put a brave face on the news, noting that “every voter will need time to explore the Donald Trump phenomenon,” but predicted that he would win back his mother’s vote in the end.

“It’s a long campaign,” he said, “and I think my natural constituency will come back to me in the end.”

In other tough news for Perry, CNN announced a new format for the September 16 Republican primary debate. There will now be three debates, one for the top ten candidates, another for the next five, and a third consisting only of Rick Perry arguing with the security guard at the entrance to the second debate.

We really should have used a picture of Rick Perry’s mother here. But we just love this photo too much.

One Response to “Rick Perry takes another hit as mother joins Trump campaign”

  1. lobotero September 4, 2015 at 3:01 pm #

    Damn! Even his mother does support him…he must be a real dick….speak of…..is that a photo of a Perry visit to Israel?


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