Jeb Bush on defensive over grandfather’s leadership of Yale Glee Club

20 Oct

TALLAHASSEE, Florida—Jeb Bush, already under fire for the September 11 attacks during his brother’s presidency, faced a new round of criticism over the weekend.

“Prescott Bush was the president of the Yale Glee Club in 1917,” said Donald Trump in a prepared statement. “Have you ever heard a glee club? It’s awful.” Trump went on to demand that Jeb Bush “take full accountability” for his grandfather’s role in founding and supporting the Yale Glee Club up until his death in 1972.

Surprisingly, the Bush campaign seems not to have anticipated this obvious line of attack, and for the first two days after Trump’s statement wavered between disavowing Prescott Bush’s fondness for show tunes and defending him. Finally, Jeb settled on declaring that Prescott Bush’s leadership of the Yale Glee Club “kept us safe, except for World War I, which was also happening at the same time, but was definitely not his fault.”

Anticipating further Trump attacks on the Bush family, Jeb also went out of his way to defend Prescott Bush’s grandfather, James Smith Bush, for his failure to prevent the Chincha Islands War between Spain and Chile in 1864-5.

“Although James Smith Bush witnessed the shelling of Valparaiso, Chile, from the deck of the USS Monadnock, and was unable to do anything, the important point is that he kept us safe, except for the American Civil War that was going on at the same time, which happened on his watch but really wasn’t his fault,” said Bush.

prescott bush
Prescott Bush cutting loose at a Yale Glee Club afterparty

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