Growing concern as Muslim chosen as imam of local mosque

6 Nov

HOUSTON—local residents here are on high alert for terrorist threats following the news that a local mosque has selected a Muslim as its new imam.

“We all understand what’s going on here,” said Don Elfridge, chairman of a local anti-shariah committee. “First, Islam wants to take over all the mosques. The next step after that—total world domination.” Elfridge, who was seated across the road from the mosque on a camping chair with a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, vowed that he and his friends wouldn’t sit idly by and watch.

The Quba Islamic Institute, which suffered an arson attack in February from freedom-loving Americans, announced that it had selected Ahsan Zahid as its new imam, citing his record of accomplishments inside and outside the Islamic community of Houston, citing in particular his positive engagement with non-Muslim residents of Houston after the arson attack.

“It’s just a smokescreen,” said Elfridge. “We all know what’s going on in there. They’re no doubt conducting religious worship and just waiting until we let our guard down.” Elfridge glanced away from the mosque for just a moment to pay the Domino’s guy, then resumed his vigil. “Not on my watch,” he added.

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