Donald Trump invokes “proud history of American racism” in calling for anti-Muslim policies

8 Dec

DES MOINES—speaking before a crowd of Iowa Republicans today, Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States, citing “our proud history of panicked bigotry” extending back to colonial times.

“When the early settlers committed genocide against the Native Americans, were they doing the wrong thing?” Trump asked the crowd rhetorically. “When the Confederacy routinely murdered African-American prisoners of war, do we judge them for that? When we interned thousands of Japanese-American children for no reason during World War II, do we look back and say, no, that was a mistake?”

Trump supporters were ecstatic. “It’s about time we dropped this whole equality thing, this whole human-rights thing,” said Dave Marlebone, a local precinct captain. “Freedom of religion has nothing to do with American history.”

Trump’s rivals were quick to condemn his incendiary speech. “This is a shocking, disgusting betrayal of American history and ideals,” said Gov. Chris Christie (R—NJ). “Unless it works out for him in the polls. Then maybe I’ll give it a whirl.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R—FL) was also highly critical of Trump. “This sort of thing gives the Republican Party a bad name,” said Rubio in a television interview. “I’d rather people criticize us for misogyny and economic illiteracy.”

Trump’s speech lasted almost an hour. “Admit it,” he said at the end, looking directly into the cameras. “You want to see how far I can push this thing, don’t you?”

One Response to “Donald Trump invokes “proud history of American racism” in calling for anti-Muslim policies”

  1. thewheelworld91 December 8, 2015 at 4:38 pm #

    He is absolutely bonkers! he would be an awful leader and these statements really go against our values as a nation boasting religious tolerance. Not all muslims end up being terrorists and even whites can be terrorists looking at the kkk and that shooter last week outside that planned parenthood. But that doesnt mean all whites are bad. Its like a double standard.


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