Twissblog comes back on line

12 Nov

NEW YORK–after a four-month hiatus, Twissblog has resumed a regular publishing schedule, a press release confirmed today.

“As our millions of loyal readers were all too aware, Twissblog had a much-reduced schedule during the presidential campaign,” said Deputy Head of Publishing Interruptions, Christine Billings. “The reason, as everyone knows, is that we were trying to maintain our eligibility for senior appointments in a Gary Johnson administration. But the surprising election results mean that we have nowhere else to take our radical libertarian tendencies.”

Billings, who was reportedly in line for Secretary of the Interior, added “the silver lining is, of course, the massive profitability of political humor blogging.”

David Abbotsford, the Associate Vice President for Weekday selection, said that the blog would resume publication on its normal tight schedule of “every few days or so.”

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