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Anonymous bidder pays $3 million for first Superman comic; hopeful it will finally help him meet girls

26 Aug

SEATTLE–after several days of spirited bidding, an anonymous buyer paid $3.2 million for a mint-condition copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first Superman comic. The bidder, who apparently made his money in technology, expressed confidence that his new comic book “would finally help him meet girls.”

“I figure I’ve got pretty much everything else–all the rare Lord of the Rings action figures, historic circuitboards dating back to the 1970s–so this must be the last piece of the puzzle,” explained the buyer. “Now that I’ve finally got Action Comics No. 1–hello, ladies.”

He explained that the comic book would be displayed in a room he was specially constructing in his Bay Area home, a large Tudor-style mansion that at great expense has been built in his mother’s basement. “It’s just convenient, having her right there,” he explained.

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