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Romney endorses gender equality, education in Middle East; still thinking about it in America

23 Oct

BOCA RATON–in the third and final presidential debate, Mitt Romney put forward a robust vision for the Middle East, one in which education is widely available, women are on an equal footing with men, and the fruits of economic growth are available to everyone.

“All of that is completely wrong for the United States, of course,” he hastened to add.

The debate was marked by an aggressive tone as the candidates debated foreign-policy topics such as the US national debt, hiring more US teachers, and their rival plans to create jobs in the US.

Romney demonstrated his national-security credentials by insulting three nuclear-armed states: China, Russia, and Pakistan. Pressed by Obama on why he had called Russia the number-one enemy, Romney explained that Russia was the top “geopolitical” enemy, Iran the top “national-security” enemy, and South Korea the leading “dance-off” enemy.

While many observers gave a slight edge to Obama, Democrats continued to be nervous about the tightening race. “Mitt Romney is polling 58% among people in Ohio who have grabbed his arm and said they can’t find a job,” said one pollster. “That’s almost one-third of the electorate.”

Romney’s camp seemed pleased with the debate’s results, although they hastened to issue one clarification of their candidate’s comments. “When Governor Romney said ‘We can’t kill our way out of this mess,’ he was obviously joking,” explained campaign manager Mitt Rhoades. “I mean, we’re still Republicans.”

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