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Feel-good moment as Democrats, Republicans come together to cut food stamps

4 Feb

WASHINGTON–in a heart-warming story of bipartisanship and cross-aisle cooperation, the Senate today passed a long-delayed farm bill, successfully cutting food-stamp benefits to 1.7 million Americans.

“Some people think that Congress can’t work together to pass legislation,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell (R–KY). “Today’s bill shows that when it comes to keeping children hungry, we are all on the same page.”

Democrats were equally effusive. “No matter what party we come from or what else we may disagree on, we all agree that feeding poor people is a giant waste of money,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D–MI).

The cuts to food stamps will save $8 billion, which equals “an unheard-of almost one percent cut” in the $956 billion bill, bragged McConnell.

To avoid charges that the cuts are being made on the backs of the hungry, the bill increases food-bank spending by $200 million, which experts say, with efficiency gains, could replace as much as six or seven percent of the food-stamp cuts.

When asked for comment, six-year-old Ayesha Jackson (Indep–IL) said she was hungry.

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