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Obama grudgingly accepts second term in office

21 Jan
WASHINGTON–Barack Obama was sworn in today for his second term as
President of the United States, barely concealing his irritation at
having to keep doing the job.

“As I stand before you here today,” said Obama in his second inaugural
address, “I’m not going to lie: I’m a little annoyed that I have to
keep doing this for you guys.”

Fully aware of the historic nature of the occasion, Obama gave a
sweeping speech in which he laid out his agenda for a second term.
Among his top priorities were “not having to deal with Congress” and
“not pretending to like all these people who keep trooping through my

“President Obama is absolutely committed to serving another four years
in office,” said Vice President Joe Biden. “There is absolutely no
truth to the rumor that he has been working on his resume and posting
it on Monster.com.”

The Secret Service was on high alert for the ceremony, responding to
rumors that Bill Clinton was planning to rush the podium during the
taking of the oath and swear himself in.

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