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Boston Marathon participants excited by symbolism of race; dismayed to learn they actually have to run, too

21 Apr

BOSTON—thousands of people turned out today to participate in the marathon here today, celebrating a remarkable resilience in the face of terror. To the surprise of many, participating in a marathon involves a significant amount of running.

“This is ridiculous,” puffed David Horsham, 46, an advertising account manager with “Boston Strong” tattooed on his bicep. “I sort of just thought they’d fire the starting gun, and then we’d run a little, and then there would be beers, or something.”

“I guess I didn’t really think this far ahead,” said Kathy McGee, 24, who said her normal exercise routine consists mostly of standing in line outside clubs. “The whole office went. You know? It just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Paramedics were on standby for an expected increase in injuries. As at press time, several runners were being treated for collisions caused by trying to post selfies on Instagram during the race.

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