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Twissblog Lithuanian politics special: “Algirdas Butkevicius is making Rolandas Paksas look like Augustinas Voldemaras”

22 Jun

(Editor’s note: as you may know, the entire staff of Twissblog has been on strike for over a month due to Donald Trump’s success in the Republican primaries. In fact, the only people still working in the building are our CEO, Sumner Redstone, and our Lithuanian exchange-student intern, Elona Norvaisaite. While Mr. Redstone is keenly across every detail of our operations, his long days setting strategy and meeting with the press leave him no time to write articles. We have therefore asked Elona to step in and fill the gap, writing on any political topic she would like. Over to you, Elona!)

VILNIUS–in a stunning broadside, Seimas opposition leader Andrius Kubilius today declared that Prime Minister Butkevicius “is going to make Rolandas Paksas look like Augustinas Voldemaras.”


While the audacious claim was itself enough to garner headlines worldwide, Kubilius went on to level a series of devastating attacks on the conduct of Brazauskas’s government. These included such well-worn topics as mishandling the relationship with Rospotrebnadzor in the days leading up to Russia’s ban on the import of Lithuanian dairy products as well as less obvious complaints such as the handling of the Seimas vacancy following the death of Juozas Palionis. In a naughtier tone, he twice “mistakenly” referred to Algirdas Butkevicius as “Aligirdas Brazauskas,” a heavy-handed joke that had many in the audience rolling their eyes.

Butkevicius, as you would of course have expected, fired back angrily, saying that “Andrius reminds me more of Boguslaw Radziwill,” a clever and cutting riposte that reinforced doubts many Lithuanians had about Kubilius’s foreign policy inclinations.


A face so familiar it needs no caption.

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