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Anthony Weiner promises to send every voter “a photo of my junk” if elected NYC Mayor

24 Jul

NEW YORK—seeking to regain momentum in his campaign for Mayor of New York, following revelations that he had continued sending pornographic tweets even after his resignation from Congress, Anthony Weiner today promised that “if elected Mayor of this great city, I will send each and every voter a glossy, high-resolution photo of my junk.”

Speaking at a hastily arranged press conference, Weiner admitted that he had “continued to take inappropriate actions” over the last two years. “Foremost among them,” explained the candidate, “was that I only shared Little Anthony with a select handful of ladies, when I should have shared him with the world.”

The issue resurfaced on Tuesday after reports by bloggers. Later that day, Weiner confronted his records and found that his last sexually explicit online chat had taken place not shortly before his June 2011 resignation from Congress, as he previously believed, but at 4:15pm that afternoon.

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